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Legend  - Marie Lu Reading this book was a product of my panic reading mode. I only have read 67 books so far out of 100 books that I’m targeting to read this year. Also, Marie Lu is coming to the Philippines this weekend and I’d really love to meet her and my friends are recommending this trilogy to me that’s why I finally bought the book last week.

I was craving for a fluffy contemporary read last week, again, but unfortunately most of my books that I brought along in my dormitory were dystopian. Anyways, I didn’t hesitate to start reading Legend, which by the way, is freaking amazing!

Legend tells the story of June Iparis and Daniel “Day” Altan Wing, both 15 year-olds living an opposite life from each other. June is a part of The Republic of America’s Military Forces, while Day is a rebel and the Republic’s most wanted.

The alternating POVs between June and Day were very interesting. Each character has a different and interesting dynamic that built up the book. AND I LOVE THEM BOTH SO DEARLY. The minor characters of the book were written in such way that they’re given enough exposure to understand them. I also enjoyed how both characters were presented in the book, polar opposites of each other but throughout the book, it’ll make you realize that they’re much alike after all.

Legend was written in a way that will make you hold on to the book and read and read and read until you are craving for more pages and realize there’s none left to read so you rush to the nearest bookstore to buy a copy. This was totally what happened to me. I finished the book earlier last week and I couldn’t wait until last Saturday to buy a copy of Prodigy (and also Champion). The writing is very much spot-on. Every single page is full of action and suspense. I love the way Marie Lu writes. I just want to marry this book!

It has a very unique style and elements of a dystopian/futuristic world. I also loved how Day’s POV was printed in a different color than June’s. Both POVs were told in first-person so the difference in color made it easier for me to remember who’s speaking.

I’d totally recommend this to everyone who digs dystopian. Fans of The Hunger Games and Divergent, meet your newest favorite book!

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