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Only A Kiss

Only A Kiss - Ines Bautista-Yao I really did adore this book! I’ve read a few Filipino Contemporary romances and I’d probably tag this as one of my favorites. I love the sense of familiarity I got from this book.

It started out a bit slow but once I got into the rhythm, I couldn’t put it down. The setting and plot seemed cliche, a typical Filipino thing, but it worked and I’m really glad it did. The book was really a fast read. It registered only 75 pages on my reader so, obviously, I flew through the pages.

The characters, Katie and Chris were very relatable. Typical Pinoy, I’d say. I adored their chemistry. I definitely knew they were going to be an endgame. Since this is very Pinoy, I can’t stop myself from feeling so mushy and kilig all over. Besides, those bestfriends-turned-into-lovers stories are my favorites.

I also liked how the book had different parts that described different stages of the characters’ lives. From them being childhood bestfriends to them being adult.

If you need a fast-read, contemporary romance with a happy ending, I’d definitely recommend you to pick this one up!