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Shiver the Whole Night Through

Shiver the Whole Night Through - Darragh McManus I seem to be on a pattern lately. The last three books I’ve read, including this one all have something in common: murder. Don’t worry, I’m not going crazy or something. Hahaha! I’m just a completely normal teenager enjoying mystery novels lately.

I really enjoyed reading this book. It kind of gave me the creeps while reading it. I particulary enjoyed reading this one night last week, when I was wide awake around 1AM. Really, the time added some effect to the story. Anyway, I haven’t heard about this book before, let alone the author but I’m really glad I had the opportunity to read this because it’s been one of the most enjoyable reads for me this year.

I didn’t know if she meant the weather conditions or the world in general.
The story was told in the point of view of Aidan Flood, who lives in a small town in Ireland. Aidan has been bullied and given shit by his schoolmates and other people for months but he’s decided to keep all of it to himself. He almost decided to end his life until Slaine McAuley ended up dead. Aidan has found himself drawn into finding conclusions as to what really went down, especially after attacks happened one after the other.

Aidan was kind of the typical YA hero. I didn’t seen anything about him that may really distinguish him from the other YA heroes I’ve read from other books. This doesn’t mean that I didn’t like him though. I liked his curiosity and willingness to pursue it and find answers, even though the answers were quite peculiar and unusual, he totally kept his chill most of the time.

This book kind of reminded me of Liars, Inc. by Paula Stokes because in one part of this book, the attacks were trying to be pinned down to Aiden. It was a good thing for me because I had no idea who was behind the attacks and I doubted Aiden as well. It’s one thing I love about mystery/suspense stories, where the narrator seemed to be a bit unreliable because it adds tension to the story. At one point in the story, I was really sure who the suspect was but OH I WAS TRULY WRONG.

I love how the story expanded from reality to the supernatural. It’s not often that I read books like this one so I really appreciated it, because I love horror/thriller movies. This is the kind of the story that piques the curiosity of readers as well. This book has a bit of a romance that is very unusual but I did find it adorable.