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My Life Next Door

My Life Next Door - Huntley Fitzpatrick Honestly speaking, the story didn't appeal to me that much. Or maybe that was just because I couldn't really relate to Sam's character. All we had in common was the constant annoyance towards her Mom and Clay Tucker.

The story was well-written though, but the only thing that kept me going was the final few chapters, which I totally wanted to come across for too long that it almost made me lose my interest in the book. I guess the story could've had something more that could make it better. I just can't put my finger to it, but I know the potential is already there. It just needs a little push.

I did like the Garretts, especially George. He's really funny. I wish I had a little brother like him.

Tim's character was well-written too. However, I wonder what happened to Nan's character. I wish Sam and Nan had a better closure. I was looking for that.

About Clay, I'm sorry but I was totally expecting for something worse to happen to his character. After everything he's done, I swear, he deserves it.

Overall, the concept of the story is great, but I guess it was the pacing of the story that didn't really appeal to me. Things were going off in routine fora while, like same things happen to almost every chapter.

I do look forward to Huntley Fitzpatrick's other novels though.