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Dash & Lily's Book of Dares

Dash & Lily's Book of Dares - Rachel Cohn, David Levithan
So here we are.
Now it's up to you,
what we do (or don't) do.
If you are interested in continuing this conversation,
please choose a book, any book, and
leave a slip of paper with your emain address inside of it.
Give it to Mark, at the information desk.
If you ask Mark any questions about me,
he will not pass on your book.
So no questions.
Once you hae given your book to Mark,
please return this book to the shelf
where you found it.
If you do all these things,
you very well might hear from me.
Thank you.

I wish I've read this one last December to enjoy more the holiday feel from the book. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed every single part of it. The whole theme and concept of the novel is so captivating, it makes me want to go to some antiquarian book shop and somehow discover a notebook hidden in between some books in shop random bookshelf.

I really liked Dash and Lily's characters- both book nerds, though I guess I like Dash more because of his daring and bold side, in context of the book. I loved that he decided to do the dares and play along with Lily's (or his brothers) antics. Lily, on the other hand, I loved how she learned to progress and grow. She's gotten along with making conversations with Dash, albeit not seeing each other, even though she didn't want the idea of the whole Moleskine thing in the first place. I loved what she wrote when Dash asked her what she wanted for Christmas, because somehow it resembled what I also wanted.

I loved the whole enigmatic conversation exchange between the two. I guess today, no one would actually bother to have some chat with a random stranger, let alone tag along with his/her dares.

Another character to be loved was Boomer. People like Boomer shall always be considered a keeper. I love his enthusiasm and his whole outgoing character.

The circumstances whenever Dash and Lily meet each other is really funny. Especially that one with Boris and the events after that. I'm not going to reveal much, because I trust you will read this book (even after reading this shitty review).

Also, I would love to see this book on screen. Having Dash and Lily and their story become alive would be really cool, unless a film production picks this up and screw the story. *coughs*Percy Jackson*coughs.

Anyhow, I would totally recommend you this book, even though it's almost midyear. This book would totally do, if your looking for a holiday read.