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Para sa Hopeless Romantic

Para sa Hopeless Romantic - Marcelo Santos III I've never really heard of Marcelo Santos III before until I saw this book with the very catchy title. It has been a long time since I read another book written in Filipino, with Para Kay B being the last one. At first, I thought this was like a humorous book, but it seemed that I was very mistaken. It wasn't just humorous... I felt a hell of a lot of emotions while reading this book.

Oh, and yeah. Because of my curiosity of this book, I bought a copy last Sunday, but my copy has some missing pages, which brought me to have a conversation with the author himself. And I returned the copy and had another one last Monday. :)

It seemed like this book had resurrected my liking of books written in Filipino, since I seldom see those quality books because of those ones that have been just translated like The Vampire Diaries, The Hunger Games and holy effing shit, Fifty Shades. I mean come on! How do you even read that one in Tagalog?

For those Hopeless romantics out there, read this one!