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I'm Inah. 20 years old and I read books for passion.

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Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell Spell "RELATE"... I-N-A-H.

Where would I even start?

Cather Avery is a big Simon Snow fan, which I'm pretty sure is pretty comparable to the many Potterheads around, including me. For all we know, Simon Snow and GTL was based from Harry Potter and JK Rowling.

Cather likes to write fanfiction and her work, "Carry On, Simon" is one of the most followed fanfics in the whole universe. I have written a fanfiction, myself.

Cath is in college. Like me, except she's a freshman, I'm a junior. I don't have a twin sister, but I do have a younger sister and she's just a year younger than me and we basically share the same likings, like Cath and Wren before they kind of fell apart from each other. The only thing Cath and I don't share is my lack of boyfriend and her lack of mother.

Rainbow Rowell created a fictional character who's so into fictional characters. Not only she created Cath for us to relate with, she also made us delve into Simon Snow's world.