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Landline - Rainbow Rowell I have to admit I'm a big Rainbow Rowell fan so it's pretty much an understatement for me to say that I have been really waiting for this book to come out.

This is the second adult novel that Rainbow wrote. Having read all of her books, I knew what to expect from this one and fortunately, I wasn't disappointed.

Georgie McCool tries her best to rebuild and fix her relationship with her husband Neal Grafton, as they grew distant from each other through the years. I have to admit I couldn't relate to the characters at first because of the fact that they are adults, but somehow, Rowell made it easy for younger readers to understand. I think that the story can also parallel younger relationships under different circumstances.

I also loved Alice and Noomi's characters. They're so adorable! Heather was pretty adorable too. I think I have related to her better than Georgie, which I think was because she's a teenager. I also liked what happened to her character and the acceptance that her Mom has easily given.

Throughout the story, conflicts were presented in a way that's like, it's too much to handle. It almost made me think, "Am I going to get a happy ending out of this story?". I'm not going to answer that one. I'll leave it for you guys to find out.

Rainbow has dropped on Twitter that she made two characters from one of her previous novel have a cameo in the book and according to her, if we read the book carefully, we will be able to pick it up. Since, I was somehow pre-occupied during reading, I may or may have not missed it. But I'm pretty sure they had something to do near the ending of the story and I have an idea who they were.

The emotions I felt from reading the book, I easily picked them up from the story. That's how Rainbow writes and I love that about her and her books. I love how she could easily make her readers feel what the characters were feeling. Also, another thing I like about her books is how her characters are very realistic, that sometimes it will make you imagine yourself in the place of the characters.

I loved the concept of the time-traveling phone, or as what Georgie calls it, "magic fucking phone". I think that concept was a new in context of Rainbow's novels. However, the concept of the magic fucking phone wasn't new to me. I think I may have seen a local movie here with the same concept of the time-travelling phone.

I wished though,that there was an explanation about the magic fucking phone. And also more of Neal's perspective about the story.

But overall, the plot was fantastic. I loved the ending. A typical Rainbow Rowell ending, if you know what I mean. :)

I knew that the wait was worth it.

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