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This is What Happy Looks Like

This is What Happy Looks Like - Jennifer E. Smith Cute. Not childishly cute but more like heartwarmingly cute. I loved every single detail of the story. This is my second Jennifer Smith novel and she never fails to amaze me.

From the title of the book, I figured this would have a happy ending, but it made me think twice. "This is what happy looks like..." The characters might have a different take on what happy looks like, compared to what I had in mind so the story might go into a different direction. Somehow, it didn't.

I had a great time reading the book and I cannot really put it down. The characters were great, especially Graham. He's completely different compared to other fictional "celebrities" I've read in other books. Plus I loved every single thing the characters labeled as "what happy looks like." Some of those really appealed to me because I also had it listed on my bucketlist.

Last thing, this book was the mere definition of serendipity.