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Throwaway Girl

Throwaway Girl - Kristine Scarrow *Copy received from NetGalley in exchange of an honest review*

Kristine Scarrow's way of writing is really good. I can feel emotions seeping throughout the whole book. The flashbacks really gave me a complete background of what happened to the main character.

The character of Andy is easy to relate with, although I haven't really experienced the things that happened to her life, still I could compare it to some of my struggles and hardships.

I do feel sorry for Trina's character. I knew she deserved a happy ending after everything she's been through. I liked Austin and how the author wrote his character. It seemed to fit Andy well. It didn't seem like other cliche guys wherein they come along and they sweep off the feet of the female lead and the female begins to depend her life on the guy. Austin didn't give off a vibe that made me think that Andy's going to lose her independence. That was also another thing I loved about Andy, her independence and also her eagerness to live her life in an amazing way, even after everything that happened to her life.

This is a story of finding love, acceptance and peace. A story of finding the true meaning of life. I loved how the story progressed and it gives inspiration to the readers. Also, it reminded me of how lucky I was living a good life.