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Runaway - Anfal Khaliq *Copy received from the author in exchange of an honest review*

The concept of the story is really good. The emotions were raw and believable. The story is direct and easy to read. The drawings really helped in creating the story. It somehow gives the reader a glimpse of how the story happens or what the character looks like.

The story centers on Chloe Pevensie and her sisters, Christine, Katie and Lucy. Under the custody of their Aunt Mel, the sisters try to find their way through life, but was met with a lot of difficulties.

I've noticed a few grammatical/typographical errors along the way, but the book is still in it's early stages, I guess, so something could be done to fix it.
I can't wait to see this book published physically. I'm sure young readers would love this story.

The story of the book reminds us that even after every struggle we face, there's always hope so we have to hold on to that.


I would like to personally thank the author, Anfal Khaliq, for giving me the opportunity to read her work. More power to you and keep writing!