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Just One Night

Just One Night - Gayle Forman

This book is just absolutely fantastic! I loved the original ending of the books but somehow I found myself craving for more and truly this was the answer to y prayers. When I learned that Gayle Forman was going to release an epilogue novella, I couldn't hide my excitement so when yesterday came, I immediately borrowed my Dad's credit card to buy the book and started to read it.

The book picked up on Allyson and Willem's meeting after one year. Stories were passed to one another. So were kisses. I have to admit I missed a cheesy read.

This was the closure everyone was waiting for. Not only for Allyson and Willem's story but also, to their friends. I just have to say I loved Broodje's character and the way he reacted when he finally met Willem's Lulu.

I loved how the way of writing. It's in the third person and it gives the readers a glimpse of what is going on between the characters. Also, it doesn't just focus on Allyson and Willem, some characters were given enough pages for their thoughts to be read by the readers.

Did I mention that I love the cover? If not then I absolutely love it! It is simple but romantic and the silhouettes just really got me.