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Perfect Kind of Trouble

Perfect Kind of Trouble - Chelsea Fine *ARC provided by the publisher in exchange of an honest review*

Okay, at first I was kinda unsure about the book because I thought it's going to be some cheesy novel, but I just liked the summary so I immediately requested for the title on Netgalley, luckily I got it last week.

This is my first Chelsea Fine novel. I didn't know that there was a first book when I requested the title but it's a good thing the book can be read somehow as a stand alone novel. I admit, I struggled during the first few chapters because I just got back from a pretty frustrating reader's block. However, the alternating POVs kept me going.

I loved Kayla's character. She's strong and independent, but she's still got a heart. Daren's character, on the other hand, I believe I judged him too quickly. He acted like a total douchebag during the first few chapters but when he realized he was being one, that was when I figured I would like his character. I was kinda weirded out by the idea of Kayla's father about last will, but then even the characters themselves tells the reader that James Turner is kinda eccentric.

Chelsea Fine's way of writing is really good! She can make the reader fall in love with the characters quickly, even the supporting characters, like Amber and Ellen. I mean, almost everyone in that small town is lovely. I also noticed the characters from the other books of the series, make an appearance. I like these kinds of books, like Abbi Glines or Steph Perkins's novels. It's really cool because you get to meet cool characters and get to know them better in the other books of the series. Anyways, getting back, I also love that she made her characters flawed. I also liked the raw tension between the characters, and of course their adventure together is really really exciting.

One thing I didn't like about the story was how it dealt with Big Joe. I know that his presence in the story is not really that important but I think that the way how they managed to get rid of him could be developed further. It just seemed too hurried, I just kinda expected a bigger conflict to rise. But overall, the story was great!

I can't wait to read other Chelsea Fine novels in the future, especially the ones belonging to this series.