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STUBBORN - Jeanne  Arnold I really really liked the blurb of this book so I was eager to start reading it. I liked how the story opened up with Avery being shipped off to her Aunt Meggie and from there, she had a whirlwind of a life with the Haldens. It started off really good, but somehow as the story progressed, I had mixed feelings with the story.

The characters were easy to follow, although Gabe Halden is a tough one because of his occassional mood swings. I actually liked Caleb’s character in the beginning but as the story went on, his true color showed and I really just wanted to kick him in the ass. Lane Halden is a completely different story. I liked him so much. He’s like the brother I’ve always wanted. Josh is pretty cool too.

Avery, the main character, she’s my gal. She’s a strong one, but I quite liked her being vulnerable when it comes to Gabe. However, I didn’t quite like how fast she forgave Gabe in the end. The man had a shit ton of things to prove, to be honest.

I liked the conflict with Hunt but I felt like it kind of lacked in terms of closure. I was looking for a stronger resolution for that.

Like I said, I have mixed feelings on the book but I would recommend this to anyone who’s looking for an easy, kinda cheesy summer read.