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Heart Tales

Heart Tales - Celine  Garcia *Copy provided by the author in exchange of honest review*

I absolutely loved this book! It's a quick read so I managed to squeeze it in my queued books. I'm so happy I had the opportunity to read this.

The book is comprised of three short stories: Audio Frequency, Legal U Turn and Heart Set on You. So I'm going to divide this review into three.

Audio Frequency
I like this one. Geraldine's character made her way into my heart easily because I love music too, as much as I love books. Although, it's a bit predictable for me because I easily figured who the mystery guy was. I loved Sam too. I may just be a real sucker for musically-inclined guys, especially if they're nice and kind. Haha

Legal U Turn
This might actually be my favorite among the three. I love stories with guy POVs. I loved Dean and Gwen's characters. It made me mushy and smile the whole time I was reading it. It's such a wonderful story with well-written characters.

Heart Set On You
This is pretty interesting. I loved the paranormal twist on this one. I loved Ellie and Heart's characters and their relationship. The concept of the story is really amazing. I have to admit I felt a little emotional when I got closer to the ending. I'm happy about Seth's role in the story. The ending was beautifully written that it concludes the story perfectly.

Celine Garcia managed to capture my heart with three short stories in a span of two days. Two thumbs-up!