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Matched to a Billionaire

Matched to a Billionaire - Kat Cantrell I enjoyed reading this book, much to my suprise. I'm not really new to Harlequin novels. My friends and I used to read a lot of these before. For one, it's an easy read. Also, you're sure that you are going to get a happy ending.

It's got the same basic structure of a Harlequin novel. A rich man and a strong heroine, meets in some unusual circumstance and basically thrown together. Girl falls in love with the guy. Guy does not do commitments, leaves the girl hurt, or worse broken. Guy realizes he has feelings for the girl and gets her back. Then happy ending.

However, this has somehow got me hooked. Leo Reynolds, the billionaire, wanted to find a wife in mutual convenience. He got matched to Daniella White via matchmaker. From their marriage, Dannie wanted friendship and for their love to grow, which Leo wanted too, but he didn't expect their chemistry and attraction to be so raw and real that it takes off his focus from work.

This is where it stands out from other Harlequin novels that I've read before. Leo realized that he has feelings for her early in the novel. He acknowledged it to himself, albeit denying it to his wife. I like that the author gave an input on Leo's perspective because most of the other Harlequin novels I've read only focused on the female lead and I didn't get to know that the guy has strong feelings for the main character up until I get to the ending.

Dannie is one hot vixen. I love her persistence, but sometimes I think it's too much that I almost see her so desperate. Anyway, I like that she's a realist.

Overall, the book is a good read. It somehow exceeded my expectations based from other Harlequin novels I've read before.

*Copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange of honest review*