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Before You

Before You - Amber Hart *Copy received from the Publisher via Netgalley in exchange of honest reviews*

I was really enticed by the cover and the blurb of this book that's why I requested the title on Netgalley. After I finished the other book that I was reading, I immediately jumped onto reading this one because I'm excited to see how the story goes.

The last book I've read with a POC as one of the protagonists was Simone Elkeles' Perfect Chemistry Trilogy and I really loved those books. This book reminded me of Perfect Chemistry but...

I did not, even for a moment, like reading this book. It was just too cliché for me and there were plot conveniences all over. It's like a typical West Side Story. None of the characters appealed to me. If any, I spent more time cringing at their attitudes and personalities.

Also, Diego's character is very unnerving. The guy's a total asshole, to be honest. I thought this book was going to flip off stereotypes but nah, I've noticed a lot. And I really hate stereotyping.

The style of writing is trying too damn hard to be flowery and beautiful that I end up more confused and annoyed than impressed. It also makes the story unrealistic, especially the Insta-love between Faith and Diego. Seriously, I'm only a few pages in and there's already a sexual tension between the two of them? Wow. I mean, that works for some books and can be tolerated, but not in this one. If I actually show you my notes about the book, you'd probably laugh with me.

I love the idea that the book had the concept of cultural diversity, but the idea and presentation of it didn't appeal to me. Upon looking the book up at Goodreads, I've noticed that the book generally had average reviews of 3-4 stars. Readers really have different tastes when it comes to books. This book isn't really just for me.

Conclusion: DNF at 25%

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