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Take a Picture

Take a Picture - Lena Goldfinch This book is really a quick read, but a great one! I loved the story and the pacing. The idea of the story wherein a paparazzi falls in love with a superstar is cool. I've never read anything like it.

I liked Troy's character. He's a kind gentleman and he's kind of a dork so it's a bonus for me. Ashlyn's character is easy to love. Even though she was a "superstar", she's very down to earth.

I just think that this book shouldn't be in the short story category at all. I think it could be expanded more into a full novel. I can't help but think about the story and the possible events that could happen to Troy and Ashlyn. I'd love to see their relationship grow.

The copy also included a prequel novel of [b:Haunting Joy|15848518|Haunting Joy (Haunting Joy, #1)|Lena Goldfinch|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1357235206s/15848518.jpg|21593987], which I also enjoyed.
Will be reading Haunting Joy next. :)

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