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Twisted Reflections

Twisted Reflections - Shay  West I was very much excited when I received the news from the Publisher that I will be receiving an e-ARC of Twisted Reflections after I reviewed the first book, Dangerous Reflections (click here for the review). I'm really interested to see how things go for Alex in this book.

This one did not disappoint. I got to see how Alex handles her "gift" and continues to fight off the Drifter. There were new characters too. I think the addition of Sean and Gavin's characters were very wise and helpful for the story.

I loved the action in this book. I think it's more action-packed than the first one. I also liked the places where Alex made her little "trips". Egypt and Sparta are pretty cool and I think these places emphasized Alex's strengths and her being a "badass." Although, Alex's character kind of annoyed me in some parts of the book, but I think it's just Alex being a teenager.

Shay West's writing is absolutely spot-on. She knows how teenager's minds work and I really like it.

Overall, the book really got to me easily. The cover was really pretty, the characters were written well. I loved it more than I loved the first one. This is a great follow up to Dangerous Reflections and I hope the third one will be as action-packed, or maybe more, as this one.

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