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Jaded - Michelle Bellon I loved the book. From the cover, the characters and to the plot. It’s very interesting and I have managed to read it fast because I was so hooked to the story.

I really like the character of Reed and how the story focuses on him, unlike others that mostly focuses on the female protagonist. I usually enjoy books that focuses on the male protagonist’s POV because it’s fun for me to have a look on what’s going on in the minds of the opposite sex. This book falls to that category. Jade’s character on the other hand, is really complicated. I had a love/hate relationship with regards to her character. However, I understand where her “character complications” are coming from because of her past. The emotions were raw and believable that I fell for it. It made me really emotional while reading the book.

I felt really nervous towards the end of the book because it seemed like I’m not going to get a good ending. Oh, but I was wrong. I liked the ending. I just think that the thrill with regards to the conflict from Jade’s past was lacking. I wish I’d seen more action to that, but then again, this is a romantic novel not a suspense-thriller one. Also, I wish I’d seen more on Justine, I felt like Mia’s character was her replacement.

I also like the narrative of the story. It’s divided into three parts, starting from when Jade and Reed were pre-teens until they were adults. It makes the book organized and easier to read. Also, it gives the readers the experience of growing up with the characters, which is pretty cool.

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