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Make it Right (Make it Count #2)

Make it Right (Make it Count #2) - Megan Erickson Review also posted on The Bibliophile Confessions

Honestly, I thought I wouldn’t be surprised that I managed to finish the book in the span of 10 hours. I was surprised a little but I am very glad to say that the book is definitely a page-turner. I kept putting off my Chemistry notes just to finish this book.

I requested a copy of this book on Edelweiss because I won a copy of the first book, Make It Count, on a book launch party. Sadly, I haven’t received the book on my mail yet. I learned that the book can be read as standalones so once my schedule has cleared out somehow, I immediately jumped into reading it.

I love the book. A lot. The characters were lovable and relatable. I found Max adorable. Really. Like I said, I haven’t read the first one but I know he’s kind of an asshole to Kat. But yes, people do change and I’ve seen that significant change in this book. Lea was lovely. She’s strong, smart and sassy but gentle and kind altogether. These two characters are very realistic. I love how they were written, unlike other books which portray their MCs as high and mighty. These two had flaws of their own, which makes them real.

The other characters were pretty much interesting too. Like Nick. I love Nick. I wish he and Trish could get their own novel. Kat and Alec, on the other hand, I can’t wait to read their story! Also Cam’s story. There wasn’t much to give to Cam, Kat and Alec since they’ve got novels of their own but I really wished there were more of Nick. He just kinda disappeared.

Overall, the book was really lovely. It’s a fresh read amongst other NA novels full of sex and drama. I love how it debunked the stereotypical structure of an NA novel. Megan Erickson brought us amazing characters that provided an off the hook chemistry and romance.