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Divine Vices

Divine Vices - Melissa Parkin Okay, honestly I have mixed feelings about the book. I mean, it’s a pretty cool book, with all that paranormal/supernatural stuff incorporated in a YA genre. It’s just that some things were all over the place, especially towards the end of the book.

Cassie was a great MC. She’s strong , smart and sassy. I liked her character. Gwen was pretty cool too but she’s annoying sometimes. Ian was just great. I loved him since the start and I’m pretty happy when everything turned out to be great between him and Cassie. Jack’s character was difficult to process. I honestly didn’t know whether to trust him or not, which makes the book really interesting.

The plot of the story is unique although I may have noticed something familiar with some aspects of the novel as a whole, though I might think of them as a coincidence. Some chapter titles are similar to episode titles of Supernatural, not to mention the Black ’67 Chevy Impala. Hahaha. Being a huge Supernatural fan, I just can’t seem not to notice them. But, like said, coincidence.

I also loved the fact that the book dealt with some unusual paranormal creatures. Not the usual, vampires or werewolves which I find really cliche nowadays. Angels really fascinate me and I find demons pretty interesting. Witches are pretty cool too so this book really got me good despite the mixed feeling.