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Warning You Might Fall In Love With Me

Warning You Might Fall In Love With Me - Kate Evangelista I jumped right into reading this book after Kate told me about it. I had to drop my current-read for this and it's all worth it.

I absolutely loved the story! Although the concept isn't new for me, Kate managed to turn it into a great story. From the start, Caleb and Didi had a strong chemistry. I loved the personality of both characters. Didi was a strong female lead. I was curious as to what her conditions were because of the pills. Although there was a mention of it towards the end, I felt like the importance of it was reduced during the middle. Not sure if that was intentional or not.

Caleb was a bit indifferent when it comes to love but he has his reasons. I found him difficult at first but then he came into his senses and there comes the true Caleb whom I adored. I also think there's more to exhaust when it comes to Caleb's dad as an antagonist.

Nathan was a pretty cool character. I loved him and I'm very happy based on the bonus content after the book.

I also loved the ending. It was really touching and sweet!

I hope to see this book someday being sold in my local bookstore.