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How I Fly

How I Fly - Anne Eliot I think I may have established a few times... okay, A LOT of times, how much I love How I Fall and Anne Eliot in general. I've honestly been waiting for this novel to come out. Luckily, all the built-up anticipation were worth it.

I think that Anne Eliot really works her magic when it comes to light, fluffy and not overly-dramatic contemporary romance novels. She's definitely got the right formula for it and might have more tricks up her sleeves.

How I Fly picks up several months after the events of How I Fall. A lot of things have changed for Cam and Ellen, but I know exactly one thing that hasn't changed between them. Even though how hard they try to deny it, it's very obvious how much head over heels in love they still are for each other. Yup, I could easily pick it up off the pages (in my case, phone screen) and I really found it super adorable!

The writing was simple but very spot on. The chemistry between Ellen and Cam felt like it never lost it's charisma, which was a really good thing. I love they way they make me feel what they feel towards each other. It's just so adorable! I was totally smiling like a proper idiot all throughout the book because of them. Another thing I loved about them was they really grew more mature in this one.

Patrick and Laura were funny and charming, as always, especially Laura. Irish Power!! I love her character so much. Both of them didn't seem like side-characters. Both had justice, and were given enough exposure in order to be reached and understood by the reader.

Harrison Shaw's character was very surprising! I actually didn't expect his character to turn out the way he did. I felt so deceived. *shakes head because how could I be so naive?* Props to Anne for her effective writing.

I like how the plot was simple and direct to the point. It was really interesting and enjoyable to read. I've had a great time reading this. Really looking forward to more of her works in the future! I'd definitely recommend this one if you need something to read to cheer you up!