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Legacy (Legacy #1)

Legacy (Legacy #1) - Ellery A. Kane I'm very much amazed with how this novel started. I got hooked from the prologue. It got me very much excited because I haven't read any book that got me going from the first page in a while now. The story wowed me during the start but somehow it kinda fell back and the excitement I was feeling towards the book dissipated.

I liked the protags. Lex was very strong-willed but I found her a bit stubborn somewhere towards the end of the book but I can't blame her. Teenagers are stubborn. Quin was kind of hard to understand. I couldn't really relate to both characters but damn, their chemistry worked for me so much. Also hurrah for the lack of love triangle!! The minor characters I loved dearly, like Elana, Edison and Max. Especially Max. He's kind of the guy bff every girl would need.

The plot was very interesting though. It kept me going, even though I mentioned that I couldn't relate much to the main characters. The way the setting was built up in this novel is very realistic and believable. I love dystopian novels that mostly deals with the government's faults, like how it somehow reflects how people would stand up for their rights and fight against the government. I like them better than dystopians that mostly deals with sci-fi things.

Another thing I had problems with was the way the chapters were written. Some chapters were really short. I'm kind of not a fan of that. I would have loved this more if the story unfolded with more details because it kind of seemed very rushed for me.

Overall, this book was really a great read. I would have never imagined that this was a debut novel. Also I love that this book had a closed ending even though this is a first in a trilogy.