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The Cost of All Things

The Cost of All Things - Maggie Lehrman Upon reading the first few pages of this book, I was immediately hooked. I’ve been craving for books with witches in them but for this one, hekamists worked.

The book was told in four different perspectives: Ari, Markos, Kay and Win. All of whom are connected to each other. Kay and Diana are friends with Ari. Ari’s boyfriend is Win, whose bestfriend is Markos.

In a society where hekamists exists, people subjecting themselves into spells to make their lives more convenient, aren’t a big deal. In exchange of a large sum of a money, people can ask hekamists for different spells. This is another thing that connects the four characters.

Among all four, I think Markos’ POV stood out pretty well. I wasn’t really sympathizing with the other characters but they kept me pretty interested in their personalities.

I think that the book was really well-written. It did remind me of We Were Liars. The Cost of All Things kept me awake all night long. I can’t seem to put it down because I was always craving for more. Although, I think this one is one of those books that you need to read when you’re in the right mood or the “right-book-for-the-right-reader” thing. Despite that, I was really impressed by Maggie’s writing and I’m definitely be looking forward to her future works.