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Cities - Carla de Guzman I actually had a hard time reading this book because of the multiverses it offered but it was pretty much enjoyable. I think, I might have just been a bit overwhelmed by the idea of parallel universes. Still, I did enjoy reading this book. It was really a fast read. I devoured this book in four hours or less.

The thing about this book that kept me going was the experience I got from the characters' perspective of being in Seoul, London and New York. In a span of 119 pages, I got to experience the three places (four if you include Manila).

The characters were interesting, yet a bit unappealing for me. I certainly couldn't relate to them but they were pretty well-written. I also couldn't feel the chemistry of Ben and Celia, although I adored their geekyness for things I also like such as TV series. I liked the pop culture references throughout the book such as Doctor Who, TeenWolf, Star Wars, Sherlock and Vampire Weekend (I like this band :D). I really couldn't describe the characters because they seem different for every chapter except for some, which I assume, is the real universe in which they exist. Well, for starters, they're definitely Filipino and that's the only thing I'm familiar to with the characters. I loved Henry though. I shipped him and Celia since the start. Haha

I certainly enjoyed the London chapter of this book. From the way the story was told and the setting to the situation of the characters, I really loved it! It being bands and music fests/gigs to places in the UK that I want to visit sometime.

I certainly enjoyed the ending! That's for sure. Despite some issues I had with the book, I'd still recommend this especially to fellow Filipinos craving for a contemporary read that's close to the heart.