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I Remember You

I Remember You - Cathleen Davitt Bell The first thing that came across my mind while I was reading the book was “The Time Traveler’s Wife.” I’ve never seen the film nor read the book. I just knew they were somehow similar.

I was really invested in the book. The prologue was just enough to keep mu curiosity and get through this book in less than 24 hours. It’s so compelling and just hands-down captivating! I’m really glad I gave this book a closer look.

The characters were really well-written. Each of them were given enough exposure which made their character more relevant to the story. Juliet was very easy to relate to. She might just be a typical teenager but they way her character was written made it so much more than that. This goes as well for Lucas. I felt so attached to their characters which made it so much easier to read the book. I really loved Lucas’s character from the start. I found him really cute and dorky during the first few chapters but he turned out to be so much better as the story went on. I loved the small gestures which basically made my knees buckle and face blush (I bet Juliet’s did).

I had trouble with Juliet’s best friend, Rosemary. She’s the kind of girl I don’t want to mingle with ever. I hated how he treated Dex and how she acted like a total bitch. A fact that was acknowledged in the book. Although, sometimes she’s kind of a voice of reason for Juliet, but still, I couldn’t make myself like her. Dex was such a great character. I liked him so much and how he helped Juliet go through some hardships even though it didn’t seem like they really knew each other.

I was also mindblown with the memories Lucas had described to Juliet. At first, I was also skeptical but it’s what made me intrigued and kept me going. It was really an amazing love story. I had to admit though that I craved for more!

I really loved the variety in this book. It was such an amazing combination. There were enough humor, drama, romance and thrill, which made me feel a whole lot of emotions for this book. It made me cry, for one. There’s no single word to describe this book but I really loved it and I’d definitely recommend it!