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Dangerous Reflections

Dangerous Reflections - Shay  West, Shay Fabbro *Advanced copy provided by the publisher in exchange of a review*

This book is quite fun to read. The concept of the story is unique, I've never read anything like this.

It follows the story of Alexis Davenport, a high school student with a special gift. She must figure out how to take advantage of her gift in order to maintain the course of history and prevent it from being altered.

I've got to admit, I have put off the book several times not because of disinterest, but
because I had gone into some sort of reader's block. I was so happy when I got over it, and I started to read the book again.

Alexis's character is easy to understand. It's not too complex and not too plain either. However, I hated that she was too easy to persuade, it made her appear weak and vulnerable. I guess it's a character flaw. So when she started to grow some backbone and stand up for herself, I cheered so hard for her. Her "other personas" were pretty interesting too.

I liked Jennifer's character. She's a great supporting character, especially for Alexis. However, I wish I could get some more background to her personality, same goes to their other friends.

I also felt like maybe we should see more background about Drake and James.

I'm really curious about the Drifter. I want to know what's his deal is. I hope I could get more in the next book.

I'm assuming there's a next book because it ended in such beautiful cliffhanger. I love the way Shay writes. It's so realistic and easy to grasp. I can't wait to read the next one!!